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Isabella Maria Torres
It was nice to stay here. I was welcomed at 2 a.m. after arriving from the airport and provided with nice room and bed to stay. They also helped me to contact my friend. Thank You !!!
Isabella Maria, U.K.

Olivia Gujan
Lots of help during the whole three weeks- thank you so much!! I felt like at home!! And of course we are addicted to your CHAI. If I'll come back toDelhi, I will stay here again !!!
Olivia Gujan, Switzerland

Zsuzsanna Der, Hannover
Dear All,
I have really enjoyed my stay here. You were very welcoming and helpful. Particularly the family-run character was ver nice. Thank you so much, Smita and your mum!

Zsuzsanna Der, Hannover, Germany
Anonymous, Madrid
It was nice to be here. Thank you for all the attention. Nice breakfast, clean, silent, very good place. Regards,
Anonymous, Madrid,Spain

Zoe Simone Ferris, Wales
This is such a warm, welcoming, homely place. I'd arrived after a long journey, Smita made me a lovely cup of Masala Chai and biscuits. So nice. Plus the best shower I've had in India. A really lovely place. Thanks Smita.
Zoe Ferris, Wales

Marten Steijling, Netherland
Nice accommodation, good service.
-Marten, Netherland.

Herman Edwin Lindemann Fernandes
4th Jan 2012
Fantastic place. Close to everything !! Excellent talks over breakfast. Definitely recommending it. Ahhh...I love the breakfast. Balcony lovely. Lindemann ,(Gypsy), USA

Judy Goddard
Wonderful host. Just Super ! Wonderful location also. Location is perfect for airport; distance is close to metro station. Can eat food on street. Hostel is clean and quiet. I stayed here for 5 days. Best ever ! Judy from Canada.

Gaurav Bansal, Houstan
A very good place if you need a quiet place to stay or if you're in town for work. It's relatively close to the airport too, which is convenient. Gaurav Bansal, USA

Derek Matthew Treatment, New York
Most pleasant stay I've ever had in Delhi. I'll never stay in a hotel again ! Thanks so much and see you next time.
P.S. Thanks for accommodating exactly the good breakfast I need ! Derek Treatman,NY, USA

Mathew John Theis
My stay at RIA was very nice. Smita is a fantastic host and made sure my stay was comfortable. Its not the easiest place to find ( a sign on the outside of the building would help) but its well worth it if you do ! Thanks !
Matt Theis, USA

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